Lorna Jane’s March Lookbook With Karina Irby

Lorna Jane’s March Lookbook With Karina Irby

I am really bad at reading my emails and keeping my inbox clean. (Maybe I should have added that to my productivity goals for 2018. Oops)

This afternoon, I decided to spend ten minutes cleaning out my ‘promotions’ folder. It’s that one in gmail where all of your subscription-type emails go. Usually, I am a sucker for ‘sale’ emails, and particular brands (hello, Adore Beauty and Nourished Life). Anyway. I love Lorna Jane active wear and found an AWESOME email from them this afternoon.

This particular email grabbed my attention due to the AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS fitness model, Karina Irby. I hadn’t seen her before, but LOVED what I saw immediately.

She ain’t your typical skinny active wear model, but she is damn fit, healthy, and beautiful! Besides, it’s just smart business for brands to embrace body positivity and use models with more interesting and curvy shapes, for many reasons.

My first thought when I saw the email was I have to blog about this. Next, I clicked through to the lookbook. Then I proceeded to like Karina on YouTube and Instagram so that I could fawn some more over her.

“Karina Irby is more than a blonde, Gold Coast bikini mogul. The young entrepreneur, with a significant social following, is redefining what it means to be fit. She is using her body confidence, brand and social status to challenge societies’ perceptions. Karina hopes to inspire women to embrace who they are and focus on what makes them beautiful.”

So this was just a quick update to say “well done” to Lorna Jane, and announce my newest girl-crush.

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