Weekend In My Hometown

Weekend In My Hometown

I spent the last weekend visiting my hometown of Camden, NSW. It is a beautiful town, with so much gorgeous history, but also lots of modern day vibrance.

My sister and I first grabbed some lunch at Jaly’s Cafe, where I had the salmon and avocado on sourdough, and a naughty caramel milkshake on coconut milk! It was soo delish. We then scored some healthy snacks for our weekend, and headed home to play with her new puppy!

Rico is a mini dachshund. He was so darn tiny, and just the bubbliest little thing I’d ever seen! Here he is posing with my Cor De Coco coconut vanilla latte. I recommend trying their cold extracted coffees if you require a morning pick-me-up. I don’t like super strong coffee flavour, and it’s on coconut milk, so win-win!

While in town, I visited The Crystal Shop. It was the only place I could get quality witchyness before I moved away. The girls in there are so beautiful and helpful. I picked up 2 tumbled crystals, some cute car air fresheners, musk essential oil, Moonology, and a crystal wand! The book had been jumping out at me FOREVER, so I finally had to buy it. I was so drawn to all of their wands, and it was really hard to pick one, I was really vibing with all of them! Finally, I chose a clear quartz point with jade accent stone. (The one pictured below is not mine)

I also had to visit my grandparents while I was close by, so I went for tea and cake on Sunday morning. My grandfather was building their front veranda, and showed me some photos of when he was building apartments in Sydney Harbour in the 1980s. What a stud! He has a friendly magpie that he hand feeds, and also introduced me to their new horses. I love their farm!

It is always so lovely to visit Camden, and I can’t wait to go again.

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