YouTube – Fitzroy Falls & Melbourne Birthday Celebrations [VLOG]

YouTube – Fitzroy Falls & Melbourne Birthday Celebrations [VLOG]

I made my first YouTube video in (almost?) 10 years!

I used to make vlogs back before it was a major ‘thing.’ I had a channel with (I think?) a couple of hundred subscribers, which I unfortunately deleted! I have uploaded this new video to the second channel I had at the time. All of my old videos were deleted due to the high-level cringe-factor. I also don’t even have them on my hard drive anymore. (Guess I won’t be able to prove my fleeting YouTube fame of times past. Hah. Jokes.)

Anyway, I’m travelling to North America later this year, and am practicing making some fun vlogs! I also have a tonne of other fun video ideas I’d love to be able to do this year.

Huge apologies for the amount of selfie footage at the beginning of this video. I will have my husband shoot some footage for me when we’re abroad.

Enjoy my fun little creation! Hit subscribe!

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