Witch Way Magazine – August Issue

Witch Way Magazine – August Issue

My new favourite find, filled with heaps of new and interesting articles, is here – Witch Way Magazine is back with its August issue!

I am a sucker for magazines. Just as I finish reading the latest issues of my subscriptions, it’s pretty much right on time for the next ones! Usually I prefer paper copies, but it feels nice to save some trees and go digital for a change! Witch Way Magazine is convenient, full of great content, and I am happy to be sharing it once again!

I will definitely be sharing a post of all my favourite publications at a later date. So, if you’re also a magazine lover and avid reader like I am, keep an eye out!

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget that you can request a sampler issue of Witch Way Magazine, if you’d like to see if it’s for you. You can also purchase back issues, and all content is detailed on their website – so if there is a particular issue that tickles your fancy, you can grab it as a once-off!

My favourite articles from the August issue include:

5 Ways to Relax, Recharge and Reconnect with Nature: Get out of that energy rut, relax, and renew your spirit! Very simple, everyday activities that can connect your spirit with nature once again.

Acorn Intentions Spell: Setting your intentions for the season ahead using acorns – how cute!

How to do Spells with Bread: Reminds me of the Vegan Banana Bread and Comfort Spell post I did! This article guides you through infusing the dough/herbs/spices with your intentions

Daily Tarot Exercises: Deepen the relationship with your cards, with tarot exercises for everyday life

DIY Flower Crowns: One of my favourite things ever, and a whole article on how to do it yourself! Yasss, witch!

Excuse me while I brew up some herbal and kick back…

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