Witch Way Magazine

Witch Way Magazine

I’ve been trying to find some fun and reasonably priced products to review for y’all, and I think I found the perfect one! Not only can you check it out anywhere in the world, it’s available right now, and will cost you less than $10! It’s Witch Way Magazine on etsy!

This is actually my first ever digital magazine/book purchase. I’m more of an old school print addict, but I thought – hey, let’s save some paper this time, and support some artists! (It’s always great to try something new, too!)

These guys have been releasing a monthly mag since 2015, always filled with fresh and modern content. You’ll immediately notice the beautiful imagery, and I personally love the cover of their July 2017 issue.

I find that my mind often runs at a million miles per hour, so if something doesn’t grab my attention and keep it, I’ll be quickly onto the next thing. The articles in Witch Way Magazine are well written, beautifully illustrated, and quite varied, so I found the publication so fun and easy to read, while absorbing heaps of useful information! I got to learn more about reiki, the Kappa spirits of Japan, and am definitely going to try me a rose ritual bath!

Though I will always love print, I find the digital content so convenient – I can read it on my tablet or iPhone at home, during my work break, or even in the car on a long trip. Explore traditions, modern techniques, and grow and expand your knowledge base from a spirited new perspective. The July 2017 issue is out now, or you can grab a free sampler issue at www.witchwaymagazine.com.


*Monthly Affirmation
*Honoring Your Inner Fit Witch
*The Magic of Fiona Horne
*Hydromancy- Divining with Water
*Chapter 4 of Lovely Tangled Vices
*Wicca Practical Magic Review
*Creating Magical Waters for Spellwork
*Wicker Man Review
*Sea Kelp Magic
*Larimar: The Atlantis Stone
*Using Water within Witchcraft
*Embracing Positivity
*History of Mermaids
*We Unplugged So You Wouldn’t Have To
*Food from the Sea: Recipes
*Learn a Tarot Spread: Water Spread
*A Skeptic Tried Reiki
*Sun infused Sun Tea
*Rose Ritual Bath
*Mama Wata – God/dess of the Month
*Kappa Spirits of Japan
*Astrology for July 2017
*Pagan Comic
*Keeping Herbal Wisdom Alive
*2 Printable BOS Pages

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