Candle Obsessed – My Favourite (Retail) Brands

Candle Obsessed – My Favourite (Retail) Brands

Hands up if you have quite the candle collection… Yep, both my hands are up. I love to find top-quality and long-lasting beauties. Invest in a quality candle, and it can totally transform your living space.

I rate my candles on 5 main qualities: Scent, burn time, container, packaging, and price. Scent is obviously most important, but if that baby is $50 or more, then it had better tick all the boxes! I’m also all about re-using containers – they will always be up-cycled and have a place in my home for a long time to come. Think potting succulents, filling with crystals, using as a vase, or storing cotton buds.

There are so many brands out there, and the below are more your retail-type brands, but I plan on also sharing some quality, smaller hand-made brands in a later post.


There’s a reason Glasshouse are so popular, and it’s easy to see why after just the first burn.

My favourite candle hands-down is the Tahaa vanilla caramel. If my life had a signature scent, this would be it. The perfect mix of vanilla and caramel, it is creamy, sweet, and good enough to eat. (Um, don’t though)

Glasshouse have a huge range of triple-scented fragrances, so there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect match for your tastes. I find that some candles smell completely different or even slightly off when burning, but not these. (And I’ve tried a lot!) If you’re after a sweet summery scent, try Rio De Janeiro (passionfruit and lime) or Cuba (pineapple, tangerine and cherry). Chicago (fudge brownie) is fantastic for wintery days and really, really yummy.

“You do more than burn a Glasshouse Candle. Like Alice in a sensory Wonderland, you take a trip down the rabbit hole and experience it. “


If sweet vanilla musk and marshmallow sounds like your taste, then you’ve got to check out this beauty by MOR. Their marshmallow scent is available in a beautiful black glass hobnail vessel with tassel snuffer – it looks amazing in your home! How sophisticated… The fragrance is enhanced with hints of jasmine, white carnation and sugar-dipped rose petals. It is also available in an assortment of other items, such as a soap, perfume, and hand cream. I personally love the roll-on perfume oil.


My sister gifted me this candle for my last birthday, and it is the perfect scent for me! My tastes tend to be quite sweet and floraly. I was blown away by the beauty of the box, as well as the candle, with a beautiful white tassel on top. I haven’t dared to burn it yet!


My very first ECOYA love was Lotus Flower – it reminds me of summer time and the beach. If you’re looking for a great homely scent or a gift option, their Vanilla Bean is one that anybody is likely to love. At home right now, I have Coconut & Elderflower taking over our living room.

I find that the pillars burn longer and are fragrantly stronger than the jar candles – keep this in mind when purchasing. Just keeping a pillar in the room will invigorate the space, without having to burn it.

Like Glasshouse, ECOYA also have limited edition fragrances. Their Sweet Strawberry & Blackberry Leaf is amazing, but unfortunately now all sold out. If you’re after something a little different or unique, their Australian-inspired scents like Jacaranda & Plum, or Banksia & Bergamot, are worth a try.


Parisian candle experts Diptyque have been around since 1961. You may have seen their range, and thought, $74 for that?! Their iconic Baies, with an aroma of fresh rose and blackcurrent leaves, has garnered a cult following, and with reason. If you were to ever spoil yourself with a candle, I say, go for Diptyque. Make sure you give their whole range a good whiff though – they’re pretty unique and of course, you’ll want to get the best fragrance for your tastes/money. The Mini Trio is a beautiful treat and a great way to score more than just one Diptyque scent in your home.


The newest brand I’ve discovered that a friend recently recommended! I really love Peppermint Grove’s take on delicate scents and pastel-coloured packaging. I found none to be overwhelming, but you can still enjoy all levels of fragrance. The glass they come in is also super beautiful. My favourite is Raspberry, Pineapple & Peach. If you don’t want something that will get in the noses of your guests, I recommend Peppermint Grove for a sophisticated addition to your home.


The latest range from The Aromatherapy Co draws inspiration from the elements and is almost perfect for the modern witch! Cleansing and purifying water is serene in sea salt and white thyme. Passionate and confident fire ignites the spirit with tuberose and amber musk. Earth is grounding, in plumeria and wild honey. Air carries positivity in oak moss and vanilla.


Alchemy (AL-KER-MI) noun: Any magical power or process of transforming a common substance into a substance of value.

I am ALL TYPES OF OBSESSED with this brand! Not only do they smell amazing, (as we have established is very important when choosing a candle) their products LOOK SO DARN GOOD! I think these are really well priced for their quality/style, AND they offer Afterpay! Seriously, you should treat yourself to one of these beauties, like, yesterday.

I couldn’t resist their Sea of Sage exclusive fragrance, (that box!) and also picked up a regular 230g conical flask in ‘Australia’. (These scents are completely different to what I would usually choose!) There are various different beakers and flasks available in whichever scent takes your fancy, so you can mix and match what you like!

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