The Benefits Of Rosehip Oil

The Benefits Of Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is one of those amazing must-have beauty/health products that, once you start using, you’ll think “how did I not know about this sooner?!”

There are some great ‘certified organic’ brands available. At the moment, I’m using Essano which is enriched with acai berry and antioxidants. Trilogy, A’KIN and Sukin are also great brands.

Just like your other basic beauty practices – washing your face morning and night, using quality products, and drinking plenty of water – are great for your skin, rosehip oil works in so easily with your regular regime. Even with occasionally oily skin, I have never broken out because of rosehip oil – in fact, I find that it regulates my natural oils and keeps my pores nice and moisturised. My skin has really balanced itself out!

I love that the oil works on improving skin elasticity, which means it helps prevent wrinkles, heal scars, and reduce fine lines. In the winter time, it helps skin stay moisturised and soft. In the summer months with longer days, it combats sun damage. I mean, it’s kind of a fountain of youth-type product.

You won’t need much – just 3 drops morning and night, after washing your face. It absorbs nice and quickly, and when used under your makeup, it adds a beautiful glow and can make your liquid foundation/BB/CC cream go further!

I worked myself up from 1 to 3 drops to test its effectiveness at first, and now I use 5 drops at night for that silky and soft feel! (Do you think I could eat it?)

Like all of my favourite products, it’s basically a gift straight from nature.

So, grab yourself a bottle (just a small one will last you ages) and join the movement!

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