Good For Your Gut Snacks – Chobani Flip & Mojo Kombucha

Good For Your Gut Snacks – Chobani Flip & Mojo Kombucha

Any excuse to try new foods and take pretty photos! Here are some new snacks I tried for you guys!


I LOVE my Chobani greek yogurt because it has less than 5% lactose, is made from all-natural ingredients, and free from hormones. It is also packed with protein, live cultures and antibiotics – goodies for my tummy! My favourite to mix with organic granola for brekky is coconut. In summertime, I like to freeze a strawberry and banana and eat it as frozen yogurt!

The new Chobani Flip explores new flavours of yogurt, with a cute little portion of added crunchiness! I headed for their Mint Choc Chip straight away! This one is made with mint low-fat yogurt, dark chocolate chips, chocolate cookies and coated rice crisps. It is of course not one of your regular super-sweet yogurt, so there is a tartiness with the mint. The crunchy portion adds a fun aspect and is still WAY better for you than other sweet snacks out there!

Their Chocolate Haze Craze yogurt is the perfect blend of health and decadence. It has yummy choc chips and hazelnuts to mix in, and at just 230 calories it’s a great afternoon treat!

You’re allowed to indulge sometimes, and I find that the Chobani Flip is a great middleground between, yes, having potentially healthier options, but it’s no tub of ice-cream! No guilty feelings allowed, thank you! Oh, and there’s over 20 varieties to choose from! I’ll definitely be trying more!


If you don’t know already, kombucha is the bomb-diggity. I’m currently brewing my first home-made batch! But when you don’t have the time or the space to fill your fridge with giant bottles of live cultures, Mojo Kombucha is a really convenient way to get in your dose of healthy gut tea!

Mojo’s Crafted range is lightly sparkling, dense in probiotics, and low in sugar. I am actually a long time lover of their strawberry hibiscus drink, and have been opening myself up to trying other flavours, such as the tumeric, carrot and ginger. (Which is are also really good for you!)

PRO-TIP! When I’m abstaining from alcohol, I like to pop some kombucha into a wine glass, and I don’t even feel like I’m missing out! It’s just a beautifully healthy probiotic drink that tastes great and makes you feel a little bit fancy.

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