50 Ways To Have A Magickal Day

50 Ways To Have A Magickal Day

Everyday magic can be so easy to find! What is magical is simply beautiful – the actions that connect you to the universe, raise your vibrations, and bring a positive light to those around you. Here are 50 easy ways you can add some sparkle to your day. Enjoy!

1. Wake up to the Sun – open your curtains and soak in the rays. Give the sky a smile (even if it’s cloudy)
2. Give your loved one, pet, or photo of your mum a kiss, and send them good wishes
3. Breathe deeply and be grateful for your lungs. Place a hand on your heart and feel it beating
4. Promise yourself to take on the day with fresh eyes
5. Wash your beautiful face with water charged with rose quartz
6. Brew a cup of your favourite herbal tea
7. Make yourself a healthy breakfast bowl, and acknowledge the gifts of food from the Earth
8. While showering, be thankful for your body and all that it can do. Think of 3 things you love about your body
9. Draw sigils into the shower wall (smiley faces and love hearts will do if you’re not familiar with sigils!)
10. Decide on one big goal and 2-3 small goals for the day, then say out loud what you are going to achieve, using the words “Today, I will…”

11. Wear your hair natural and messy – embrace your natural beauty, you don’t need to be ‘perfect’ every day
12. Put on your prettiest, favourite dress that makes you feel like a Goddess
13. Adorn yourself with your favourite crystal rings (or necklaces, etc)
14. Pop a crystal in your handbag, dependant on what type of help you need that day
15. Bring a reusable coffee cup instead of contributing to landfill
16. Say hello to the animals you see down the street
17. Smile at a stranger. Thank your server/waitress/retail assistant. Make small chat with your barista – spread the good vibrations
18. Draw a daily tarot card
19. Hit the gym and exercise, get those endorphins pumping – treat your body to some healthy activity
20. Go for a walk in nature
21. Take off your shoes and stand barefoot in the grass
22. Make a friendship bracelet and give it to your bestie
23. Make a flower crown
24. Arrange a crystal grid
25. Go for a swim in a natural creek, waterhole, or the ocean
26. Howl at the Moon
27. Jump in the car, go for a random road trip, and sing out loud
28. Have lunch in a park with homemade treats
29. Take a yoga class
30. Pick some wild herbs, and hang them to dry in your kitchen

31. Water your garden, pull weeds, or plant some new flowers
32. Collect pretty feathers, leaves, and stones
33. Make a wand at home – use a branch, mini crystals, glue, paint, glitter, whatever you like
34. Give a compliment to a fellow girl and raise her up
35. Pull a random tarot card from your deck, or do a reading for yourself or a friend
36. Meditate for 10 minutes. Leave your phone on silent and don’t touch it for one hour. Take some time to disconnect
37. Light a candle (or two, or ten). Burn some incense. Make your house smell like a New Age store
38. Decorate your grimoire. Create a vision board
39. Burn some sage and cleanse your office/bedroom/house
40. Take a bath with rose petals and essential oil
41. Recharge yourself with crystals
42. Practice your runes and write your name, a letter, or a spell
43. Do a spell for somebody – perhaps a friend who is having a hard time, or who needs help with exams
44. Watch a witchy movie, or get lost in a Charmed binge session
45. Read about something you’d like to know more about – palmistry, reiki, divination, essential oils, tarot, moon phases, etc.
46. Watch a YouTube video and try to belly dance
47. Make an amazon wishlist of all the pretty unicorn things you know you need
48. Mix a natural face mask and pamper yourself, and cleanse yourself of the day’s yucky vibrations
49. Make love with and become one with your partner…
50. …Or have special “you” time and connect with your feminine power

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