Amethyst – The Psychic Crystal

Amethyst – The Psychic Crystal

I’ll be introducing a lot of crystals on the site, the first being my favourite – amethyst!

Amethyst is a purple quartz and a master healer. It is the birthstone of the month of February, and represents the crown chakra. Formed in a clustered-type geode, its colour can vary from the darkest, almost black purple, through to a delicate violet.

This beauty is famous for being a healing crystal with strong psychic associations, used mostly to calm the mind, and stabilise the body through¬†life’s many ups and downs. Reducing nerves, settling a worrisome thought, and ridding of internal irritations are all benefits of amethyst use.

Being associated with the crown chakra, amethyst can be placed above the brow or crown of the head when meditating. I also find that an amethyst placed considerately in the home or office, for example, on your desk or with your purse if worried about finances, can also aid in easing the mind. Amethyst can be used to help sooth migraines, focus memory, and calm busy thoughts.

I believe that I have always had a connection with amethyst, not just because I’m a February baby, but because it also represents intuition – something I feel is a strong aspect of my personality.

It is a fantastic beginner’s stone and common in many basic spells, right through to aiding in strengthening psychic ability. A definite must-have in any crystal collection!

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