Clear Quartz – Our Main Squeeze

Clear Quartz – Our Main Squeeze

Clear quartz is probably the most widely-used, practical crystal, and one that every person should have in their collection. Seriously – e-ve-ry collection needs clear quartz. It may appear ‘boring’ BUT – here’s why you shouldn’t look past this bad boy.

It’s a little difficult to pinpoint the specific qualities of clear quartz – also known as crystal quartz – because there mostly just a few big beneficial properties about it.

It is often used to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. While other crystals are a bit more specific in their cleansing qualities, clear quartz is good all-round. It is also used for cleansing other crystals – I keep a clear quartz in the center of my ‘crystal bowl’ to absorb the yuckies from all of my other stones.

It’s a high vibrator – kept in the house, as well as cleansing the area of bad energy, it helps increase good vibrations for those who live there and all visiting. I recommend placing one near the entrance of your home, along with a while candle, to help visitors feel calm and clear when entering.

I find that when I am buying crystals, it takes me a while to vibe well with  a specific stone – I like to pick my stones based on the feeling I get when handling them. Clear quartz? SO easy to connect with! Every time I come across quartz, they all feel fantastic. It’s like a friend who isn’t picky, and just wants to do good by you! They’re all ‘pick me!’ so it’s a reliable friend to have on your side.

If none of this was enough to convince you, how about this? Clear quartz can be used to replace any other crystal. If you’re performing a spell but don’t have your amethyst/rose quartz/amazonite handy, clear quartz can be used in its place. Need a confidence boost but don’t have a citrine/sun stone/honey calcite? No worries! Set/meditate your intentions with a clear quartz and pop it into your pocket!

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