Finding Feathers & Colour Interpretation

Finding Feathers & Colour Interpretation

Finding a feather in your path can bring a special or particular message. The message can differ, depending on where you find the feather, what time of day it is, and especially its colour. Some believe that feathers are signs from the ‘angelic realm’. I believe that it is just one of nature’s many ways of communicating with us.

Do you sometimes get certain feelings when finding or picking up a feather? Use the guide below to see what it might mean!

White: A reminder to keep faith strong; a message from a loved one who has passed

Grey: Neutral, reminding you that the answer to your questions is not always black and white/yes or no

Black: Protection, and a reminder of the strength, wisdom and magic inside of you

Red: Symbolises energy, vitality, passion, and courage

Orange: Creative inspiration; strengthens your inner voice, positivity, and attraction

Yellow: Brings cheer and happiness; a reminder to be present and alert in order to manifest your desires

Green: An incoming of abundance, especially money or friendship; fertility and health

Blue: Brings a calming and peaceful energy; increases your communication, awareness, and ability to listen

Brown: Grounding in your home and life, stability; an energy of respect; balance between the physical and spiritual

Purple: Deep spirituality and psychic ability; transmutation of negative energy

I find that when I look for feathers, I never come across them! It’s more interesting when they suddenly appear in your path, near your car, or hanging off a tree as you pass by. I don’t come across them often, but I love when I do, and I always try to feel the energy they’re giving off. Black is most powerful for me, but I love finding ones with touched of red.

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