Fluorite – Anchoring Your Intuition

Fluorite – Anchoring Your Intuition

Welcome to fluorite – one crystal I am absolutely loving at the moment!

The first thing you’ll notice about fluorite is its amazing colours. It is distinguishable by its mix of mostly green, purple and pinks, though this of course varies due to its natural formation.

Fluorite has some very practical properties. It is protective and stabilising, able to ground and harmonise your spiritual energy, and the energy around you. Its ability to heighten mental ability, aids in the organisation, absorption, and processing of information. Place a fluorite on your desk, and it can also help incorporate structure to your day/space.

This crystal is also used as a tool to rid fixed behaviours, so if you are struggling with your focus on changing habits – perhaps becoming more productive, ridding yourself of nail biting, or quitting smoking – fluorite kept on the body throughout the day can help. A tumbled stone in your pocket or handbag can be great to carry around. It will absorb negative energies and shield you from manipulations and temptations.

Lastly, fluorite is known to increase intuitive ability – not to be confused with psychic ability. Linking the human mind to universal consciousness, it enhances our intuitive insight, anchoring our spirit to our physical plane, opening up a connection between mind and body. It can clear our aura of dirty energy and also cleanse the chakras, especially the crown chakra.

Due to its strong ability to protect and absorb, it should be cleansed often, preferably at each full moon if you’re using it every day. It may be pretty, but it also packs a spiritual punch!

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    • There are some great crystals for absorbing negative energy! Most have specific areas – e.g. smoky quartz is great for digital/cellular/wifi signals. I would definitely recommend adding it to your collection – it looks way pretty! Haha

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