Smoky Quartz – Grounding and Protection

Smoky Quartz – Grounding and Protection

One crystal I’ve been quite interested in recently is smoky quartz, for its practical and (personally) relevant uses.

My favourite thing about smoky quartz is its ability to block negative emotions. Keep it on your body (in a pocket, jewelry) to ward off depression, fear, jealousy, and anger. The stone will absorb dark energy, so it is important to cleanse it when you can.

Its colour can be clear with slight brown smoke trails, to a strong and solid brown/black.

If you are feeling a bit disconnected or up in the air, the smoky quartz will help in grounding you. It can anchor your spirit to provide strength during tough times, protecting your aura from negative outside influences. Similarly, the stone can also enhance survival instincts, as well as helping us to focus in order to reach personal and business goals.

For a busy, modern witch, smokey quartz can absorb the high influx of digital vibrations that can interrupt our spirit. Mobile phones, wifi signals, and the screens that surround us every day are constantly sending out electromagnetic energy that interrupts our spiritual clarity. Sit it next to your computer or in your bag with your phone. Let the smoky quartz you hold absorb these wavelengths and prevent them from putting you off your witchy game!

Being a crystal quartz, it is also useful for amplifying energy from other stones, so you can use it in conjunction with your daily practices!

Ensuring you are grounded during meditation, healing or psychic work is important. It also represents the root chakra, so don’t forget to keep it close by!

It’s easy to see the practicalities in using smoky quartz, and there is not much crystal knowledge needed to start with this stone. It should be relatively easy to find at a local or online crystal shop, so I highly recommend adding this to your collection as an essential basic crystal!

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