Witchy Etsy Finds Under $50

Witchy Etsy Finds Under $50

I’m obsessed with finding handmade and unique items on Etsy! There are so many talented and creative artists sharing their wares, and a lot of these just scream Modern Witch! I wanted to share with you my favourite finds under $50, in the hope that you find some gems and are inspired to support these amazing artists!

1. Sticker Pack by TheMoonGoddessMarket ($5.49)

2. Late Bloomer Iron-On Patch by VictoriasAviary ($8.70)

3. White Witch Enamel Pin by BeastsoftheUnknown ($15.31)

4. Ouija Witchcraft Tee by Talilahblueburlesque ($26.07)

5. Large Restoration Bundle by TheInspiredSpirit ($21.95)

6. Snowy Owl Feather Quill by EnchantedQuills ($41.16)

7. Witch Swear Teacup by Profanitea ($26.09)

8. Crystal Hair Pins by GemsAndBones ($6.17)

9. Mini Book of Shadows by Magicraftshop ($38.28)

10. Book of Shadows Title Page Download by MorganaMagickSpell ($1.65)

11. Glitter Witch Pentagram Earrings by Edenkistudio ($22.00)

12. Familiar Ring by TrickeryCo ($29.95)

This post is in no way sponsored. I was not contacted by any stores or people on Etsy, these are my own discoveries and I have not received anything for these promotions!

All prices are in AUD, postage not included. All images are copyright to their respective owners.

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